How to create a new watermark file?

When you create your first watermark, a default watermark file is created automatically. If you wish to create multiple watermark files for different purposes (e.g. one for portrait photos and one for landscape), you can do this in the Watermark files tab window on the right. All related command are listed there.

You can rename, delete or create watermark files here. By renaming your watermark files you can make them meaningful.

The selected watermark file is always the one that you are working with. Any operations (e.g. watermark modification, create or delete watermarks) are performed on this file.

All watermark files are in a center location under My Documents\My Watermarks. While you can keep backup copies of your watermark files in other places, they will not be accessible by the program until you copy them back to the center place.

For advanced user, you can try to modify the default location of your watermark files by editing the watermark.ini.xml file in the program's folder.