How to assure consistent look of my watermarks?

One of the most powerful feature of PhotoWatermark Professional is that it allows you to create consistently looking watermarks either on screens or prints regardless of your image size or orientation.

Five mechanisms make this possible.

1.    Auto position. You can use one of the 9 (top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, middle right, bottom left, bottom center and bottom right) predefined positions to position each of your watermarks. This ensures that each watermark is shown regardless of the image size. Optionally, if you set auto position to None for a watermark, you can position it freely. However, a watermark that appears at a specific position on one picture does not necessarily mean it will appear at the same location on another image. And not surprisingly, a watermark may disappear on a smaller image if you design it on a larger picture. A position tool palette on the top menu-tool bar fulfills this.
2.    Relative watermark size. A lot of image viewing programs or printing programs will stretch your images. If your watermarks are in fixed size, they may appear differently in size on images of different size. Fortunately, this can be overcome by using the relative watermark size. Look for Size (%) combo box on the Format tools. If you set this relative size to 0, an absolute size in pixels is used for the watermark.
3.    Relative margins. With both the above settings, you may still notice that some watermarks are offset from the margins of the image inconsistently. You will have to turn on Margin is relative, which means you can specify the margin in a percentage instead of pixels. These commands can be found under the drop down menu of Format.
4.    Image orientation. If you are still not happy with the look of your watermarks, what you can do is to create separate watermark files for your landscape (horizontal), square, and portrait (vertical) photos. Then one pass lists the portrait photos, one pass lists the square photos and one pass lists landscape photos. These options are available on the toolbar above the thumbnail view.
5.      Aspect ratio cropping. You may have trouble in your printed images if you are using other watermarking program. PhotoWatermark Professional's aspect ratio cropping solves this problem completely. For example, if your prints are 4x6 which is actually a width height ratio of 1.5. Since your photos may be of 4:3 (1.33), you will need an automatic crop algorithm (if you do not wish to do so manually) to keep the center of your images before watermarking. This is exactly what PhotoWatermark Professional does.