How to batch watermark, convert or rename?

These are the three powerful batch commands which make PhotoWatermark Professional exceptional.

These three commands can be separate or combined.These batch commands can be found as the first group on the top menu-tool bar. These commands are not available if you do not have photo files listed and checked in the bottom thumbnail view. Depending on whether you have watermarks created, the main menu item can be either Batch convert (when no watermarks created) or Batch watermark (when there are watermarks created). The two other commands can be brought up by clicking the drop down arrow beside the main command.

If you wish to Batch watermark but not convert or rename, in the Output tab window on the left panel, you choose Output format As is and uncheck Rename box. By choosing a specific Output format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and Bitmap are available), you are converting your images. By checking Rename box, you are renaming your output files at the same time.

When you just wish to convert your images, a separate Batch convert command available as described above. Again, this Batch convert command can be combined with the Rename.

A separate Batch rename command is also available as a drop down menu of the batch group. It is not available until you check the Rename box.

For safety purpose, the status of Rename is not memorized by the program so every time you want to rename your files, you have to explicitly check this box.

Causion: Batch rename will rename your source image files according to the criteria set in the Output tab window.

However, both Batch watermark and Batch convert commands will prompt you choose a destination folder. It is STRONGLY recommended that this folder chosen is not the same as the source folder nor a sub folder of the source. If source and destination folders are the same, a warning message will appear. However, you can still go ahead if you take the risk of data loss. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE AUTHOR OR THE AUTHOR'S COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DATA LOSS DUE TO YOUR OPERATION OF THIS PROGRAM. As soon as the destination folder is confirmed, batch watermarking starts immediately. You just need to sit back and relax or go and do something else.

A progress bar at the bottom right showing the progress (percentage, elapsed and approximate remaining time). This current version is over 10 times faster than previous version in batch processing. As soon as the batch is complete, your destination folder is open allowing you to check your achievements.