How to open my photos for watermarking?

On the left side panel, click Folders tab and navigate to the folder containing your photos to watermark. All photos in the folder will be automatically listed and checked at the bottom as thumbnails. If you do not want to process all files in the folder, uncheck the ones that you do not want to watermark in the thumbnail view.

As soon as you choose a folder that contains valid photo files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG and Bitmap), the left panel will change to Output so that you can specify output parameters such as image size, image format, etc.. If you want to choose another folder, you can click Folders tab again.

The first photo in the list will always be selected first so that you are ready to create or modify your watermarks. If you wish to choose a different photo as your background for watermark design, a single click of that photo will do.

Since the design of watermarks is what you see is what you get, it may seem to you that your photo is already watermarked. For safety purpose, watermarking is not performed until you explicitly run the Batch watermark or Save command on the menu-tool bar.