PhotoWatermark Professional features

·      Green program: Does not write in Windows registry.
·      Ability to process any number of photos (all files in a folder as well as its sub folders at the same time) including combinations of
·      batch watermarking.
·      batch renaming: names files in numerical order or using information from file.
·      batch resizing: chooses among predefined or custom size. Smoothing algorithms can be applied.
·      batch converting: output images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG or Bitmap format.
·      batch cropping: use a crop ratio to automatically crop all your pictures.
·              batch framing: decorate your pictures with various frames. 
·      Ability to mix text and image watermarks of any complexity.
·      Ability to render outline text watermarks.
·      Ability to render both text and image watermarks with gradient or texture fill, inner shadow, soft shadow, glow, drop shadow, 3D Shadow, emboss or engrave.
·      Ability to include multiple lines and mix languages in each text watermark.
·      Ability to include symbols (e.g. copyright), file information, EXIF (including GPS) tags in any text watermarks.
·      Ability to set each watermark's opacity level between 0 and 100. 100 means totally opaque and 0 means totally transparent.
·      Ability to set opacity for each text watermark's border, text and fill separately.
·      Ability to render watermarks in smooth quality.
·      Ability to set each watermark's size to cover a certain percentage of your image.
·      Ability to position your watermarks relative to the border of your images. The border offset can be either in pixels or relative (in percentage).
·      Ability to rotate each watermark at arbitrary angle.
·      Ability to paste bitmap (as PNG) or enhanced Meta format from clipboard (as vector).
·      Ability to insert transparent PNG logos and high quality scalable vector (Windows meta and enhanced) images as watermarks.
·      Ability to tile any text or image watermarks.
·      Ability to list all landscape, square or portrait photos separately.
·      Ability to create multiple watermark files for different purposes to maximize your creativity.
·      Ability to mix different languages (unicode) in text watermarks.
·      Feature centered interface setup with clearly readable buttons. All related commands are found in each feature zone.
·      What you see is what you get watermark designing.
·      Safe for your photos. Will not touch your original photos unless you explicitly asks it to do so.
·      Easy to use explorer-style folder tree view and thumbnail view.
·      Common image file support: Load and save JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP and PNG.
·      Very fast. At least 10 times faster than version 6.
·      Interface can be easily translated into any language.
·      Compatible with Windows 2000 (requires free MS GDIPlus.dll library), Windows XP or Windows Vista.