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Photo Watermark - Review Jason Cole 14-09-04

Photo Watermark Review Jason Cole 14-09-04

I first used Photo Watermark in the early release stage of the product lifecycle. Being a professional photographer I was basically just after a program that could speed up (and make easier) the Watermarking process. I came across PWM (Photo Water Mark) and found it very useful for my needs. Once I actually started to get into the program I found it had a lot more features that I use more and more now. Its right up there with Photoshop in importance and I use it every single day multiple times. For example I use PWM to not only Watermark photos, but also to resize, rename, compress, crop and upload/download images to the net too. One amazing thing about this program is the Author behind it. Felix is a very easy going dude and nothing is too much trouble. I suggested a few new ideas and a few days later there they are all implemented and functional. This has happened many times over. Felix is always open to ideas and new things for his program.

 Sunday, 26 February 2017
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