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PhotoWatermark Professional

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Long Time Coming - 2004/11/19 13:48
No title Photo Watermark Professional is a Photographers very best solution to the tedious process of watermarking photos. I have spent countless hours watermarking with the copy and paste functions in my software. I have searched through and downloaded numerous other demo watermarking programs. NOW! They are all deleted and I am astounded at the power and simplicity of Photo Watermark Professional. The speed and the ability to batch process my photos with custom watermarks has freed me to spend more time enhancing and editing my photos than trying to protect them. I downloaded the demo version and purchased the full version within a few minutes. I cannot say enough about the support Felix offers, he bends over backwords to help. I was burning the midnight oil when I ordered it and I had some minor download problems and I nearly fell out my chair when he was right there with email responses and helped me to get it running. Do yourself a tremendous favor and try the demo, You WILL purchase this program. Thanks Felix. George Parkhurst
 Monday, 22 January 2018

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