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PhotoWatermark Professional

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    Fast Support Response - 2005/03/18 08:02 I was pretty miffed to pay for PhotoWatermark Professional and have the install fail. As most people know buying a product and then having to deal with support people is usually a very tedious and trying experience commonly filled with pointing fingers at other programs or Microsoft operating system, rather than fix the problem. PhotoWatermarks support is not like the average support you commonly encounter. PhotoWatermarks support responded within 30 minutes. A few back and forth e-mails and within 1.5 hours I had a .exe that worked.

    Over the next few days I had problem after problem but Felix never gave up. We finally connected our computers together and between us resolved a few problems. Felix and I spoke on the phone for close to 3 hours brainstorming over things that will make the use of his fantastic program even easier.

    I am happy to lend a helping hand!
 Monday, 18 December 2017

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