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I just purchased PWP5 for use in a professional capacity. I had previously used an earlier version and, although I thought it was an incredibly useful piece of software, i encountered certain bugs when using animated gifs that were causing me some concern. I contacted Support and received a quick reply. All the bugs I encountered have been repaired in version 5, so what I already thought was a really cool piece of software is now even better! It's efficient and easy to use, and there are some cool new effects that I'll soon find some kind of excuse to use.
In less than 24 hours I have received Version 5 and all my problems have been solved! Money well spent! Great price, great service and a great product! And for $100 (£57 - bargain!) I'll get free upgrades for ever! I'm sorted for life! I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone! Stu  More user comments

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 Friday, 06 March 2015
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    New user - 2005/03/28 02:47 I had been considering how to watermark my photos for some time... I tried with various degrees of sucess using Photoshop CS.

    Yesterday I found Photowatermark Professional, I tried the demo for a couple of hours, and although daunting when first viewed, I found it quite easy to use... it has so many features, many I have yet to discover...

    This is without doubt a very powerful yet user-friendly program... especially as I emailed Felix and received replies on Easter Sunday.... Support or what...

    I had no hesitation in purchasing the full lifetime package... worth every penny.

    I shall be recommending this program far and wide... thanks Felix.


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